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The Garbuio Dickinson Admoist has become the industry’s preferred method of conditioning stems. It has also been successfully applied to clove conditioning, and to produce the high moistures required for stems shredding processes.


Industry’s preferred method of Stem Conditioning

The Admoist consists of a declined trough of ‘U’ section, within which a multi-bladed rotor turns. Low pressure steam is introduced through multiple steam sprays in the rotor’s central shaft, and this steam heats and softens the product as it is lifted and tumbled by the rotor. As the rotor turns, the product is continually exposed to the action of the steam sprays from above and below.

Steam atomised water sprays are located at various positions along the top of the machine. These progressively increase the product moisture as it moves along the machine from the infeed to the discharge. Because the moisture addition is gradual and progressive, the product is able to absorb it without excess water remaining in the machine or on the surfaces of the product.

Product remains within the process typically between 4 and 5 minutes, providing ample time for the moisture to penetrate well into the centres of the stems or cloves. Following the Admoist process, Garbuio Dickinson recommend a bulk time of 2-3 hours prior to cutting.

Casing can be applied in the Admoist if required, and a nozzle located halfway along the machine ensures that the casing is applied to product which is preheated and receptive to the casing addition. After the product passes the casing spray, the remaining dwell time allows for the casing to be absorbed, while the mixing and tumbling action ensures process uniformity.

The Admoist is essentially self-cleaning, as the product itself slides over the internal surfaces of the U trough and rotor. Clean-in-place sprays are incorporated for use at the end of each day’s processing. Counter-balanced access doors allow easy inspection of the machine’s internals. Because the U trough is static, there are no large diameter seals to maintain.

Garbuio Dickinson 公司推出的Admoist 烟梗回潮机


  • 烟梗和烟梗纤维组织内部加温加湿
  • 水分彻底渗透
  • 避免成批松散回潮时间过长
  • 提高水分含量
  • 混合使其均匀
  • 可选择洗梗箱体
  • 包括自动清洗系统(CIP)
  • 不需要经常进行维修保养



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