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The Garbuio Dickinson Annular Dryer is well established for a wide variety of applications, including cut lamina, cut expanded stems, cloves and snuff.

Annular Dryer

Responsive Drying Technology

The unique form of construction, with the cylinder supported on a central shaft carried by trunnion bearings, eliminates the need for track rings, support rolls and their associated maintenance.
The use of one drying cylinder within a larger outer cylinder provides an increased heated surface area in a relatively compact space envelope.

The Annular Dryer can be provided with suppressed contra-flow process air, or alternatively in-line (co-current) air according to the process requirements. It is suitable for conventional steam heating, or High Pressure Hot Water (HPHW) where extremely rapid control is required with a wide range of evaporative duties.

The short distances through which the tobacco cascades from the outer cylinder to the inner and back result in very low degradation and enhanced fill value. This is further contributed to by the short product transit times though the dryer, which also facilitate excellent control of final product moisture.

  • 低造碎
  • 提高填充值
  • 蒸汽或者高压热水加热
  • 在短时间内迅速作出控制
  • 抑制相反气流
  • 在生产线上选择(同向)气流
  • 无定子环或者支承辊
  • 广泛应用于:烟叶、膨胀烟梗、鼻烟


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