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Garbuio Dickinson has extensive experience in supplying equipment for American Blended cigarette manufacture, either as individual items or complete lines. The areas of particular interest include casing kitchen, heated casing cylinder, toasting and top dressing.



The Garbuio Dickinson Toaster or Cased Leaf Dryer is of modular design, and of similar construction to the Apron or Band dryers used in the GLT process, but with special features to fulfil the particular requirements of the primary Burley process.

Of particular importance to the cigarette manufacturer is to ensure that the product attains the required process temperature for a sufficient time. This time/temperature profile is very significant in terms of the chemical reactions taking place in the product, and it is the results from these reactions which strongly influence the product taste. Not all cigarette manufacturers have the same requirements in this area, so Garbuio Dickinson specialists are prepared to consult with the customer to ensure that the specification and performance of the toaster completely fulfil the process expectations in the most economical and efficient way.

Tobacco distribution on the dryer apron band is critical to achieving optimum performance, so Garbuio Dickinson provide a wiper-feed and elevating band feeder to ensure width-wise and time-wise product distribution.
Careful attention to detail design has resulted in an optimised system of air distribution providing a high degree of product moisture uniformity across the width of the machine. Mechanical fan cone adjustment allows airflow above and below the band to be equalised, and all fans are provided with inverter drives for fine adjustment of the process airflow.

In the reordering zone, separately controlled steam injection and water sprays provide independent control of process temperature and final moisture. The Garbuio Dickinson Toaster is built to a high standard of quality, and all parts in contact with the product or vapour are of stainless steel. Insulation of hot external surfaces is also high standard, with external surface temperatures typically no more than 20°C above ambient.

  • 完整的工艺处理能力
  • 可作为单独的项目,也可作为整条生产线使用
  • 按工艺处理需求,选择白肋烟烘培机规格
  • 高质量不锈钢结构,试组装
  • 多区域进行干燥,冷却并重新排序
  • 烟草喂料均匀
  • 充分调节所有工艺处理区域内参数
  • 最终区域内单独控制温度和湿度

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