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The Garbuio Dickinson range of casing cylinders include the application of light casings or humectants through to heavy Burley casings prior to Toasting.


Product Casing

A basic principle of the design is to ensure that the tobacco is ‘open’ before it is presented to the casing spray. This is achieved by applying low pressure diffuse steam to heat and open the product as it enters the cylinder. Casing is then directed onto the product as it cascades through the cylinder.

A high quality steam-atomised nozzle is selected to provide the required degree of atomisation of the casing liquor, and is carefully positioned to maximise exposure of the tobacco to the spray whilst minimising over-spray onto the cylinder walls. Lifting pins ensure optimal presentation of the product to the sprays and minimise build-up of product on the walls of the cylinder.

The outside of the cylinder is insulated and clad, and the discharge hood is provided with electric or steam trace heating, to minimise accumulation of product in this area.
As an option for particularly heavy casings, the cylinder can be externally heated either by steam or electrically, in order to maintain the required process temperature and minimise sticking of casing and tobacco to the cylinder walls.

A further option for heavy casings consists of a special nozzle boom which cleans the cylinder walls by means of compressed air jets. Clean in place nozzles are provided in the cylinder hoods where appropriate.

As with all Garbuio Dickinson cylinders, the support rolls, drive and seals are robustly designed for reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • 专用物料加热和开包的蒸汽喷嘴
  • 加料装置上的蒸汽雾化喷嘴
  • 绝缘滚筒上的物料旋转耙钉
  • 可选择的加热滚筒
  • 可选择的加热滚筒机罩
  • 可选择的清洁旋转支撑杆
  • 自动清洗系统(CIP)喷嘴
  • 完美且实用的机械设计

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