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When bins of cut filler, CRES or expanded tobacco products are inverted, the product initially hesitates before suddenly releasing itself. As it does so, a cloud of dust occurs which is spread by the air displaced by the tobacco.

Pouring Tipper

Gentle, dust-free tipping

To overcome this problem, Garbuio Dickinson has developed the ‘pouring tipper’. Before tipping takes place, the top of the box is covered by automatically retractable lids. These retain the tobacco while the bin is being tipped, and when it is fully inverted the lids are gradually opened, depositing the tobacco on the band of the feeder. The tipper then lifts the box away from the stationary pile of tobacco, so there is no sudden movement of product, and no displacement of air by the product. This results in a controlled, dust free transfer of the product from the bin to the feeder.

According to the application, the pouring tipping action can be provided by a stand-alone unit, or by a robotic tipper serving several feeders.

  • 无尘翻箱作业
  • 由于翻箱停止时而出现造碎情况
  • 可使用单机设备作业,也可共用机器人来作业
  • 与其它Garbuio Dickinson 公司的箱处理设备结合使用

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