Products | Direct Conditioning & Casing Cylinder (DCCC)

Garbuio Dickinson pioneered the introduction of the DCCC process in which casing application and conditioning is performed in the DCC cylinder.


Combining conditioning and casing

The process principle relies upon the fact that the tobacco is at its most receptive, open state when it is within the conditioning cylinder. Because it is warm, it relaxes and unfolds, thus exposing the maximum surface area to the action of the casing spray. In this warm state, the pores of the leaf surfaces are also more open, thus maximising their ability to absorb the droplets of casing liquor which are sprayed onto them.

As with the basic DCC process, the product is first warmed and conditioned by the action of diffuse steam sprays at the cylinder infeed. It is only after this ‘dry conditioning’ phase has take place that the product comes into contact with the casing spray.

For the remaining time within the cylinder, the product is cascaded by the lifting paddles, giving time for the casing to penetrate into the lamina, and improving the process uniformity by a gentle mixing action.
The remaining features of the DCCC are similar to those of the DCC, and are described in that section.

  • 设备回潮和加料
  • 完美的加料渗透
  • 加料均匀



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