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The Garbuio Dickinson Flavour cylinders are intended to apply light, volatile flavours to the final blend of cut filler.

Flavouring Cylinder from Eastern October 6th project

Applying flavour to the final blend

A basic principle of the design is to ensure that the tobacco is presented to the finely atomised flavour sprays for the maximum time to ensure uniform application to all surfaces of the product.

A series of high quality air-atomised nozzles are selected to provide the required degree of atomisation of the diluted flavour, and these are mounted within a longitudinal spray boom located above the product as it is cascaded by the lifting pins.

As with all Garbuio Dickinson cylinders, the support rolls, drive and seals are robustly designed for reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • 加香用气体雾化喷嘴
  • 非绝缘滚筒带有物料旋转耙钉
  • 自动清洗系统(CIP)喷嘴
  • 坚固且实用的机械设计
  • 易燃蒸汽(ATEX)专用设备



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