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Garbuio Dickinson is the only company with the license to commercially exploit the ESS process which was originated by RJR Tobacco.


Reducing Blend Costs While Improving Quality

ESS consists of a front-end with conventional feed and handling equipment, the special ESS equipment itself, and final product handling and storage.
The front end can in many cases be shared with conventional stem line equipment and incorporates blending and heavies / metal rejection.

The ESS expander is the heart of the process and is subject to confidentiality regarding know-how of its design and operation. Following the expansion process there are additional process steps which establish the desired particle size distribution and moisture content.

The ESS process removes a significant quantity of volatiles from the product and this is discharged in the exhaust from the expander. Garbuio Dickinson can offer a thermal oxidiser and waste heat boiler to provide an energy-efficient solution, thus effectively treating the exhaust and generating the entire process steam requirement using waste heat from the thermal oxidiser.

ESS product characteristics give the cigarette designer new and exciting possibilities to improve quality, lower deliveries and reduce blend costs.

  • 中和混合成分
  • 与其它混合成分搅拌均匀
  • 连续使用烟草卷烟机
  • 中性味道
  • 淡淡香味和减低焦油/尼古丁的香烟设计
  • 降低混合成本
  • 其填充值近似DIET膨胀烟丝
  • 改善/ 维持香烟质量
  • 允许回收废料(风选、破坏、纤维)
  • 提高白肋烟烟梗味道,去除粗糙的烟丝

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