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The Garbuio Dickinson Jet Conditioning Cylinder (JCC) is a highly efficient opening and conditioning system for all types of lamina, including ‘farm cut’.


Steam assisted Lamina Opening and Conditioning

The JCC was developed especially for heavily padded products which are difficult to open, but also gives excellent results on more normal products.

The JCC is preheated by recirculating warm air through the cylinder. When product enters, it is exposed to the action of a large number of steam jets in the ends of each of the lifting pins. The lifting pins pick up and cascade the product exposing it to the action of steam sprays from all directions.

This first stage of steaming ensures that the lamina is thoroughly unfolded and opened before it is subjected to the wetting sprays in the second zone of the cylinder.

In the wetting zone, the tip of each lifting pin incorporates a self-atomising water spray nozzle, so the tobacco is progressively moistened by sprays from all directions as it advances along the cylinder. The progressive moisture addition ensures that the tobacco is able to absorb the water without excessive surface wetting, and the risk of discolouration is eliminated.

At the start of processing (run-in), the process air flow is counter-current, in order to hold back the product and increase its retention time. During normal operation, little or no process air flow is required. At the end of processing (run-out) the process air flow direction is reversed in order to increase the speed of product along the cylinder and reduce the run-out time. The air extraction from the cylinder hoods passes through self cleaning rotary sieves to minimise exhaust system contamination.

The net result is well opened product with uniform moisture, minimal pads and high fill value.

  • 高效率的开包松散
  • 填充重的物料
  • 单独的蒸汽和加湿区域
  • 热空气预热系统
  • 在操作过程中只有少量的工艺处理气体
  • 快速流入,快速流出

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