Product | Super Lightweight Rotary Dryer (LWD)

The Garbuio Dickinson Super Lightweight Rotary Dryer overcomes the disadvantages of earlier types of rotary dryer.

Light Weight Dryer

Responsive Advanced Technology

Advances in manufacturing techniques including laser welding have allowed the construction of a lightweight shell and lifting paddles. These are manufactured from thin stainless steel sheet material laser welded together and then hydraulically inflated to provide steam and condensate flow passages. The lightweight shell is specially supported in such a way that the weight of the shell is evenly distributed around the circumference of the track rings.

The dryer is designed to operate with a relatively low product loading, thus enabling drying to take place with a short process dwell time. This gives considerable advantages in the ease with which the dryer is controlled, since small changes in process conditions can be made with virtually immediate effect.
For the same reason, over-dried product at the start and finish of a batch is minimised.

The use of minimal contra-flow process air ensures that final product fill value is maximised, together with the energy efficiency of the process. The high humidity process air condenses on and warms the relatively cool product entering the dryer. This enhances the product fill value and prevents over-drying of the tobacco surfaces or ‘Case-Hardening’. With this system, additional pre-processing equipment such as a steaming tunnel is unnecessary and is not required.

Warm air is introduced into the exhaust ducting to ensure that deposits of wet dust do not build up in the duct and give rise to cleaning and maintenance problems.

  • 轻便的外壳结构
  • 快速输送
  • 良好地水分控制
  • 烟草不合格率低
  • 高湿度工艺处理、填充值达到最高

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