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The Garbuio-Dickinson Mini-Silo offers a compact, cost-effective and efficient solution to the problem of feeding the contents of large bins to cigarette makers or to add-back weighers.

Maker Feed System

Feed to makers

The Mini-Silo consists of a small storage band with adjustable pin doffers at the discharge end. Its capacity is typically equivalent to the contents of between two or three bins. The storage band discharges onto a transverse band conveyor which feeds the product into a metering tube, below which there is a variable speed metering band whose speed is varied according to the tobacco flow demanded by the cigarette makers.

The metering band discharges the volumetrically metered flow into a specially designed entry chute into the Mini-silo’s pneumatic feed system. Due to the fact that the tobacco falls into the pneumatic system there is no tendency for separation of different blend constituents to take place.

  • 低造碎
  • 可从大箱中接收物料
  • 充足的缓冲存储能力
  • 按体积计量出料
  • 喂料时,达到3种高速度
  • 重力卸料,以避免混合时被分离

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