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Garbuio Dickinson have developed this Robot system to provide economical and efficient solutions for the feeding of multiple lines of maker feeds or addbacks.

Multi function robot

Labour Saving Multi-Function Robot

The Robot will perform several functions including de-stacking or stacking of bins, and the pouring tipping action (See pouring tipper for description of this function).

Depending on line throughput requirements one Robot can serve several feeders. In higher capacity installations more than one Robot is required, so the workload can be shared between two Robots with one serving a small number of high capacity feeders, and the second Robot serving a larger number of low capacity feeders. The workload allocated to each Robot can be easily changed according to production requirements.

The multi-function Robot allows flexibility in equipment layout. An example of this is the use of the Robot to discharge the empty boxes onto a high level collection conveyor, thus avoiding congestion at floor level.

The Robot is integrated into the range of Garbuio Dickinson bin handling equipment, and RF Tag systems are incorporated for management and tracking of bins.

  • 堆积箱子并拆箱
  • 侧出料式倾翻作业
  • 高空作业卸载空箱子,并按设计图作业
  • 一个机器人可维护数台喂料机
  • 箱子管理和跟踪用的RF软标签
  • 1977年获欧洲专利



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