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Garbuio Dickinson have been conducting Customer training throughout the lifetime of the Group, which can be traced back more than 100 years.

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Providing specialised bespoke training throughout the world 

Garbuio Dickinson employ professional training personnel who have responsibility solely for Customer training. Their field of expertise is specific to the training activity, although they do have an insight into the more specialised features of the tobacco industry.

Bespoke training programs are developed in consultation with Customers to achieve the desired objectives of the Training. In order to get the best results, all training in conducted in modules and include an evaluation mechanism to make sure that all objectives have been satisfied.

All Training documentation is produced in English however it is possible for this material to be translated into any language, in accordance with Customer specification.

Typically modules will be prepared for Operational personnel, Mechanical and Electrical maintenance personnel and those Controls Technicians with responsibility for the maintenance of the PLC / HMI and Scada control system/s.
Cross-discipline topics such as Health and Safety or Quality Assurance are included in all modules.

  • 专业的培训人员
  • 关于设备的专题
  • 关于工艺处理的专题
  • 模块化方法
  • 预约培训
  • 资料翻译


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