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The Garbuio Dickinson NTM tobacco reclaim or ‘Ripping’ plant is available in 3 sizes to cover a range of capacities from 200 – 1000 kg/hr.

Ripping Unit

Reclaiming without knife degradation and contamination risk.

Cigarette waste can be handled even though mixed with maker waste including rods and loose tobacco. Standard and slim cigarettes can be processed with high efficiency. The plant will also process substantial quantities of packet waste, and for situations where a high proportion of the product is to be input in the form of packs or 200 cartons, then a front-end ‘bundle opening’ unit can be provided to open the packs and remove the majority of carton, film and foil prior to the cigarette reclaim unit.

Initially the cigarette waste is fed to a steaming and flow control unit to establish the optimum product moisture for processing. The reclaim unit then makes use of pneumatic transport to loosen and remove the cigarette filler from the paper. Sieves separate the loose tobacco from the paper. This action is then repeated in a second stage. Any small scraps of paper remaining in the reclaimed tobacco are efficiently removed by special suction heads.

The overall process is gentle and causes minimum degradation to the tobacco. The gentle action avoids generating scraps of paper which might contaminate the reclaimed tobacco. In addition, very little bursting or breakage of the filters occurs, so multi-component filters can be processed with little risk of contaminating the reclaimed tobacco. Where loose carbon granules are present, additional sieving can be provided to remove this.

A paper waste briquetting unit is provided as standard to compress the waste into a compact form which can be easily disposed of e.g. by incineration.

The Garbuio Dickinson cigarette reclaim is simple and easy to operate, requiring little maintenance. Process settings are all carried out from the HMI screen and control panel, and mechanical adjustments are not necessary. Consistent performance is easily maintained.

  • 生产能力为200千克/小时– 1000 千克/小时
  • 高效率、低造碎
  • 回收烟丝中纸屑含量少
  • 废纸中有小量的烟丝
  • 处理标准香烟和细长香烟
  • 处理混合烟和卷烟废纸
  • 可选择200’s和大面积卷烟废纸进行开包作业
  • 处理炭和混合型滤嘴香烟
  • 与废纸压块机合并使用

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