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The Garbuio Dickinson XL rotary dryer is a well proven system which has gained acceptance throughout the industry.

XL Dryer

Versatile, efficient and well proven

In its steam heated form, the dryer shell is comprised of steam tubes connected together by flat strips of steel welded to the outside of the tubes. Thus the only welds subject to steam pressure are those at the ends of the tubes. The dryer is suitable for steam pressures up to 10 bar(g) or process temperatures up to 180 C if required.

In the gas/oil heated XL dryer, hot flue gases are circulated around the outside of a thin stainless steel cylinder by high volume centrifugal fans. These flue gases do not come into contact with the product, but transfer their heat to the tobacco through the 3 mm thick walls of the cylinder and paddles.

The gas heated version offers a much wider turn-down capability than any steam heated dryer, and is also able to process both blond and black tobaccos. If required, this dryer may be configured to provide a torrefaction effect for black tobaccos.

The use of minimal contra-flow process air ensures that final product fill value is maximised, together with the energy efficiency of the process. The high humidity process air condenses on and warms the relatively cool product entering the dryer. This enhances the product fill value and prevents over-drying of the tobacco surfaces or ‘Case-Hardening’. With this system, additional pre-processing equipment such as a steaming tunnel is unnecessary and is not required.

Fast acting accurate moisture control is provided by means of a finely atomised modulating water spray at the delivery end of the dryer. This provides a small additional moisture loading which is automatically modulated in order to correct small deviations from target moisture.

Over-dried product at the start and finish of a batch is minimised by a special run-in and runout sequence control. This ramps the cylinder temperature set point and process air flow to avoid over or under drying. During runout, the process airflow direction is reversed to hasten the tobacco out of the dryer.

  • 外壳结构简单
  • 湿度控制良好
  • 烟丝不合规格情况少
  • 高湿度工艺,填充值高
  • 可用蒸汽和直接气体加热
  • 如果需要,可用气体加热进行干燥

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